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Luanda a roubar: Sonaecom informa que 26,075% do capital da NOS foi alvo de toma…

This territory is poorly frequented

This territory is very poorly frequented. Dismayed, we have to put up with the idiocy of the Portuguese woman, her affected ways and her irritating voice. They are a process of malnutrition derived from rickets, hunger and severe food anomalies. A short-lived form of authoritarianism acquired after the illiteracy of the Estado Novo, without the voice of the so-called freedom, would still be slaves to those who obstinately avenge themselves with their minds as trained witches. In disgusting physiology they quickly enter a state of regret by inventing the law to purify their skin from bacon. They do not know the value of peace nor do they respect opinion, completely obstinate in their inferior feelings of rats given to men imposed simply by interest. If because of their weak anatomy they don’t like it, they are easily sold. This is the terror of a feminism that imposes on man an imaginative fragility, completely provocative of the stupidity of those who just want to squeal and kill. These lowly women are an attack on what is beautiful and still say they are of great value. They are the excrement of Catholicism, of the enclosure transformed into the ideal of great figures. Can Homo Sapiens get an erection with other primates? With possessive beings with ideals of lying, just to assert their mediocrity. The misery process continues to derive from all of its ancestry, with a dubious education of an irrespirable work, with titles where the material is missing. If they are animals, understand each other, the vapors of their genetic misery are intolerable. Its group organizations, its conspiracies, its finesse and fragility only satisfy the demons of its body without the capacity to fit and its nefarious and almost non-existent Muslim culture. Coming out of nowhere for megalomania pedestals from their form of excrement.

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