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Símios tribais

Antonio Costa was in Paris tonight to introduce the candidates for PS deputies from the circle of Europe. The PS leader reiterated the call for the Portuguese abroad to return to the country SEE TOO 01:35 Michael Schumacher admitted to Paris for innovative treatment 00:47 António Costa: “PS is the opponent of all [parties]” 02:18 Costa calls for more power for the PS to implement modernization policies in the country 01:47 António Costa admits that few families benefit from the affordable rent program “There is a chance that Bruno Fernandes will make a big guy and then the contract will close soon” The images of the collision between two trucks in Santo Tirso Paulo Gonçalves died in the seventh stage of the Dakar Luís Paixão Martins brings prop to the Prolongamento program Woman who assaulted judge stays in Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison Global – January 12, 2020 Church-robbing priest in Lisbon district had 19 cars in his name Former unrecognizable cleaning maid three years after earning euromillions “Once again, someone lied,” says Bruno de Carvalho’s lawyer Dafundo: Rain leaves flooded buildings and submerged garages After all, does spicy food reduce the risk of death? “Ana Leal”: Parking companies charge illegal fees in Gaia and Porto Fernando Madureira: «We cleaned the image of Canelas» Sport Floods in Lisbon Six ideas not to cost (so much) to wake up SPONSORED Carlos, the ‘machine’ that sold cream puffs to Weigl Sport The new watches from Huawei are the most elegant (and … PUBLICITY NiT, TVI and SCMisericórdia came together to change life … PUBLICITY Ronaldo bought the most expensive apartment ever in … Sport Livre removes political confidence for Joacine Katar Moreira Politics

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O plano de outra entidade

Os inimigos da pátria, Álvaro Cunhal e Mário Soares conseguiram os seus intentos, o comunismo em Portugal. Os lugares de Estado ocupados por residentes desses partidos manipulam os dados, tornando fal