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Two devices

Two devices

Two devices, one Chinese and the other American, were spying in the vicinity, creating a roundabout with no exit where there were only machines to insert coins. Chicken wings came out eaten by the gluttony of the obese, before the eyes of the hungry.    The monitored system of mutual espionage shines with the energy of the last two lovers in the world, on a dark afternoon in the light of a lamp while the empty bars of muses and nudists of other times are inhabited only by leaves in the wind, and rare Hindus eating lean delicacies.    The two devices connected to the respective transmitters reproduce codes for files, where they are enlarged and transformed into a radio station broadcasting twenty-four hours on Earth and sixty-four hours in Pluto.    We can almost call Mrs. Merkel the last democratic leader. The leader of a free world, but only existing for Germany, inspiring southern Europe. And much more is about to happen on the old continent in the midst of anti-aristocratic powers, where the people’s strength turns only to war and turmoil. The tyrannies are in charge of the ships and are already taking to the sea.

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